Starting a Business? Packaging Principles to Understand

Launching a product can be a challenging task. You will have to accomplish a lot of to-do’s before introducing your product to the public. In an article published by, there is a high likelihood that business startups fail because of poor planning.

There are several reasons why startups fails. Whether its the lack of demand for your product or service, working with the wrong team members, or being overpowered by a strong competition, there are a lot of strategies that will prevent you from stumbling from these hurdles and keep your business running. Some ways to set a good impression for your products include good packaging, smart marketing techniques, cost-efficient systems, among many others.

One thing that challenges most physical product business owners is being able to deliver quality products but still keep a good amount of profit. Some of the costs in developing products is the packaging process. Some packaging processes can be more costly than others that is why it is very important find suppliers that will provide an affordable price.

Here are some things to remember when choosing packaging for your products:

  1. Identifying your product’s needs

The very first step in choosing the right packaging for your business is identifying the needs of your product first. Perishable goods such as fruits, vegetables may be in need of perforated plastics. Liquids need clear or opaque bottles. Appliances and gadgets need cardboard boxes. It is important to identify first what kind of packaging is suitable for your product to maintain its quality.

  1. Ensuring product protection and quality maintenance

Another step after identifying which packaging materials best suit your products is knowing how to package it for maximum protection. This is especially applicable to fragile items such as gadgets, appliances, and electronic devices. This also goes with glass and other delicate home decor. The use of cardboard boxes, along with bubble wraps or styrofoam may be essential.

  1. Identify the cost of your packaging

We must not take away the importance of knowing the price of your packaging. We must understand the price of the packaging apart from the product because it can also affect our profit. There may also be unexpected overhead expenses. It is essential to take into account the costs of all the packaging materials in order to set the ideal price for your product. For example, when you plant to package using cardboard boxes, how much will each box be per product? These are some of the important things to be considered.

  1. Planning your packaging’s appeal

Part of making your product ‘marketable’ is the overall product appearance and appeal. The first thing that the consumers will see in your product is its packaging, especially when its bought in retail stores. It is ideal to set a good impression with the design of your packaging as well. You will need to create eye-catching graphics that will bring consumers buying your product.

Understanding these principles, knowing your target market, understanding lead times for package production among other things will help you decide which is the best packaging for your items.


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